AdventWord 2022: Purify

Definition: To purify is to remove contaminants, extract something or make it ceremonially clean.

Organisation culture...

I want to explore this concept from an organisational perspective. How do you purify your organisation’s culture? Extensive research into the matter concludes that creating a great culture internally, in turn, enhances the customer experience. An organisation will thrive by removing toxins ensuring all members respect and enforce core positive values. 

An interesting article by Forbes uses the example of a family-run business. It presents the idea of creating ‘spirit’ to enhance a sense of belonging and commitment for members.  Creating meaning to the tasks that people undertake enables them to bond with clients, suppliers, customers and the wider community.

"Spirit represents a deep, rejuvenating capability to get results in a way that respects and enhances the wellbeing of everyone involved in the enterprise as well as the long-term viability of the business."

Let’s explore the five levels of spirit they describe in more detail:

  • Work is more meaningful when they see a connection between what you do and something greater.
  • Spirit helps people align so that they are working together to create positive results. 
  • Spirit motivates people to higher levels of effort and performance 
  • Trust and respect for each other create more open, sensitive and supportive relationships. 
  • Spirit helps workplaces connect to a higher purpose, going beyond the work itself. Perhaps linking the organisation to social and environmental responsibilities. 

I liken the above concept, to the culture here at Mindful Business Services (MBS). It is a family-owned private limited company that focuses on serving, not fixing or helping. It works alongside you as you deal with the ever-changing challenges and queries relating to running a charity. The concept of spirit can not be bought, it is something that is created at the heart of an organisation. MBS’s spirit is pure and its values are created and shared by an enlightened founder and her family. 

Here are some of the ways I feel MBS successfully implements its spirit. These simple steps might be useful to consider when you look to purify your organisation’s culture.

Photo by John Schnobirch
  • Implement the organisation’s values into every task.
  • Advocate communication.
  • Ask for team feedback and share ideas.
  • Offer structure, learning and development opportunities.
  • Recognise personal circumstances, respect and trust one another
  • Educate on the higher-picture end goals.
  • Remove toxic barriers.
  • Celebrate successes.

A toxic culture kills ideas and innovation and will impact an organisation’s success. As we finish up 2022 and welcome 2023 why not consider ways you can purify your culture?

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Gemma White

MBS Personal Assistant

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