AdventWord 2022: Together

As a meeting ‘gathers’, as each individual ‘centers down’, there gradually develops a feeling of belonging to a group who are together seeking a sense of the Presence. The ‘I’ in us begins to feel like ‘we’. At some point – it may be early in the meeting or it may be later, or it may never occur at all – we suddenly feel a sense of unity, a sense of togetherness with one another and with that something outside ourselves that we call God.

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Today’s AdventWord has been a common theme in 2022. The ‘Being Friends Together Project by Woodbrooke Quaker Study, gives guidance on growing together, tradition, bringing in the world and deepening the life of the spirit together. Then to the All-together Worship, a truly monumental meeting for worship that took place at the yearly meeting. 

In recent years, many feel alone and isolated as a result of the pandemic. Having gone through that has meant the development of resources, including blended meetings, has allowed more access to all and increased the feeling of togetherness. They hope this stays and develops into a stronger community.

For me, the feeling of togetherness has been prominent as I started working with MBS and being part of the team and coming on board with many of the clients. It has been a real blessing this year and I am eager to see what 2023 brings.

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