AdventWords 2022: Teach

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Quakers believe that we are all equal before G-D, and that the spirit of G-D is at work within each of, making us both teachers and students throughout our lives. 


How does this work practically? 

Well, as a facilitator or a teacher you aren’t just providing or pouring in information, but instead inspiring the student to work with their own gifts and talents. You are respecting them where they are and allowing them to develop and improve their knowledge. You may have to put your own opinions aside and allow individuals or groups to ‘live experimentally’. 

This foundation doesn’t work well with the more formal educational systems that have learning deadlines, timetables, assessments and inspections. When I ‘taught’ at Woodbrooke the language used was very carefully facilitator rather than a teacher. 

Focusing on nurturing individual needs and growth, I took my ‘Life Artistry’ course online to enable those who couldn’t travel to Woodbrooke to be included. When I was home educating both offspring we worked on the inspiration and strewing methods. We shared our passions, and our work and then strewed things we thought might be interesting around our home.

I work the same way now with my mentoring and training clients – meeting them where they are, sharing my passions, my ways of working and then offering a wide range of resources so they’re able to explore, experience and develop their own gifts and talents.


This desire to share my passions, experiences and ways of working is why:

 I started the MBS blog.

Through MBS we provide free resources, and technical advice and seek to serve others.

 I still love to teach and learn.

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