AdventWord 2022: Traveller

Where life takes us...

As a family, we are regularly on the move. My husband’s career has moulded me, and our three daughters, into seasoned travellers. Our journey is unpredictable but often full of opportunity. Each place we visit is a chance to experience different customs and cultures. Fortunate to meet new friends along the way!  

As a child, I would dream of all the places I longed to see. Intrigued by what life might be like on different continents and in different climates. A frosty December day in England would be a summer’s day in Australia. I’d think WOW, imagine being at the beach on Christmas Day! Last year, here in Cyprus, we experienced just that. Wearing only t-shirts and shorts as we walked along the sunny shore. This brought a smile to my face and warmth to my soul that my daughters were experiencing what I had dreamed of.  

Keen to be independent and ready to explore, the day I set off from my hometown away to university, I knew it was the start of my traveller journey. Then, incredibly, my first job allowed me to travel the world, meeting people that started as colleagues and I now class as friends. Finally, I married a soldier and we are raising our family on the move. Whilst we have a wonderful military community that supports us, it can be scary and sometimes we face challenges!

Change can be tough...

We tend to move from place to place every 2-3 years. With three girls at school, this adjustment requires military coordination and resilience. With change comes a little apprehension and familiar questions begin to run through our minds. What if we don’t like where we are going? Will we make new friends? Can the family adapt? How will we overcome language barriers? Can I continue to work? The list goes on.

Travel is good for the soul
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Above all, my husband and I try to keep an honest and open dialogue with the children. It is a priority that we are able to mitigate any worries and allow them to share in the process of moving, we do it as a team. Their involvement allows us to address any concerns as they arise and vice versa share the excitement. I diversified my career to allow me the flexibility to take it with me on my journey. 

Traveller lists
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Traveller organisation is key...

The greatest piece of advice I can give is to be organised and prepared for bumps along the ‘traveller’ way. I have learnt the hard way the pitfalls of poor organisation. Every challenge you encounter will usually have a solution, therefore there is little point in worrying about what MIGHT be. A great saying I learnt from my husband is, ‘Improvise, adapt and overcome’. This is now our family motto. 

Some simple steps we follow:

  • Do our research
  • Make lists 
  • Seek advice and guidance when we need it
  • Include the whole family
  • Make time to enjoy ourselves


We have come to realise that whilst having roots is stable, we miss out on the sense of adventure which, for us, fills our lives with so much joy. Whether we are at the foot of the Beacons, on a beach in the Med or on a bus in London it is our support for one another that keeps the adventure alive. Building family values into everything we do allows us to get the most from each experience. 

This way of life is far from normal, and NOT always chosen, but one that we embrace. We build our family scrapbook of memories along the way. Life is short and the world is wide. 

As a seasoned traveller, I know change builds resilience. There are opportunities for the taking, it just takes great organisation and most importantly, support for one another.

We wouldn’t change it for the world! 

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