Hybrid Working & Worshipping

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Quakers and Business Conference 2022: The Future of Workplaces – Quaker Responses

The 2022 Quakers and Business Conference is looking at the rise of hybrid working and worship through various lenses.

In the Friend Issue 04-11-22 Duncan Wallace writes that we should look at hybrid meetings through the lenses of our Quaker testimonies

We need to meet in hybrid spaces that create: inclusion and equity of
esteem; sustainability of practice; sustainability of the planet.’

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When I was teaching Life Artistry at Woodbrooke, I was one of the first to take creative and journalling ourses online.  Because I knew it would work and allow people to attend who wouldn’t be able to do so for a myriad of reasons.

For similar reasons I had a Zoom account well before COVID. I’d been holding meetings online as it reduced my travel, and was more efficient time wise. Not to mention  I could combine client groups of people from various parts of London without a problem – or needing to book a room!

Quaker Speak’s video on Hybrid Worshipping gives a flavour of what might happen. At a meeting last night someone said that at their meeting they now have Meeting for Worship in a break out room.

So you arrive in ‘the lobby’, chat, get organised, sort out any issues – and then enter the Meeting for Worship with hearts, minds and technology prepared.

How have you found hybrid working and worship? Do you have any suggestions on how to make it work better?

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