AdventWord 2022: Breathe

According to WebMD we breathe over 20,000 times a day. Our lungs continually work hard to supply oxygen to the blood and remove carbon dioxide. Each deep breath we take relaxes the body, can reduce stress and stimulates our lymphatic system (helping the body to detoxify).

Breathing is often a mechanism that we take for granted. Focusing on regular deep breathing exercises has a huge positive impact on maintaining a healthy body and mind. Organisations thrive when individuals work in a positive work environment. Promoting wellbeing as a ‘core value’ in the workplace has been proven to increase job satisfaction and overall productivity.

Workplace Wellbeing…

When we think of ‘workplace wellbeing’ it is easy to think this is only a concern of corporations with a large workforce or blue chips bolstering their employee engagement messaging. This could not be further from the truth! Mental and physical resilience and wellbeing should be a priority for everyone!

Believe me, taking as little as 10 minutes of pause to practise a short breathing exercise can significantly improve mood and concentration for your day ahead. 

As a sole-trader it is my responsibility to define my own corporate wellbeing programme. Here are three simple steps I incorporate to my business planning:

  1. Partnering with new clients: I look for like-minded individuals and organisations to work with. I ask new clients about the value they place on wellbeing and work-life balance. This open dialogue, in my experience, promotes trust and strengthens a working partnership. 
  2. Schedule time out: It is tempting to fill your working day with as many billable tasks as possible. I have learnt that diarising a non-billable ‘wellbeing slot’ improves my concentration and productivity for the rest of the day. This could be a short breathing exercise, a leisurely walk or spending an hour doing something I really enjoy.   
  3. Stay connected: Following several years of working in busy onsite environments, I now work remotely from home. This works perfectly for me around hectic family life and allows me to strike that work-life balance. The time I would have previously spent on a gruelling commute, I now use to connect with colleagues and associates. A 20-minute virtual coffee does wonders for the mind and always brightens a busy week.  

Above all, it is important to find what works for you. There is little point in scheduling something that never actually happens. Next time you are planning or tasking your team, take a moment to pause and think about how you can integrate a wellbeing slot. The results from implementing this will pay dividends!

Exercise: Pause and breathe

I wanted to share with you a short but effective breathing exercise courtesy of the NHS. You can do this anytime, from anywhere. Practising regularly can reduce stress and anxiety and improve focus. While you are here why not bookmark the page to refer back to? 

You can do this exercise standing, sitting in a chair or lying flat. Ensure you are as comfortable as possible and loosen any restrictive clothing. 

Let’s get started…

Play Video about Breathe

Tip - Soft and calming music can aid your concentration. To add to your exercise, play the video above.

Final thoughts…

Nothing in life is more important than us! A happy and healthy family is what I value above all else. Sadly, in today’s economy and busy society, it is all too easy to lose sight of this. To thrive we must review priorities and work in a little ‘me’ time!

Gemma White

Gemma White

MBS Personal Assistant

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