Images for Quaker Meeting Houses

Friends House design and circulate a set of posters every year along the theme of Quaker Week – this year Quaker Week runs from Friday 27 September to Sunday 6 October.

However, what if your Meeting House doesn’t have enough space to run all of the series or has difficulty relating to this year’s posters? Previous designs are sometimes available through the Quaker Bookshop in the Quaker Centre at Friends House.

Did you know that there are other Quaker designed images which can be used for leaflets, postcards and posters? Visit the Q-posters page on GroupSpace to see the range available.

  • Which one do you like the best?
  • Have you used any – if so how did you use them?
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A life long Quaker, I've been involved in Wardening and building management for all of my professional life. I am a seasoned office manager and executor of projects, used to working either with a single manager or a committee to clarify goals and ensure that these goals come to fruition. I have successfully worked remotely, as an independent worker responsible for setting my priorities and goals with reference to the remit given.

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