MBS Launches New Online Classroom

About us...

Mindful Business Services (MBS) empowers small volunteer-run charities to run with ethical efficiency. We do this by providing administrative support, financial management and training to you, and to members of your organisation. When you’re facing a medley of problems, large or small, it can be difficult to know where to look for solutions. Especially in this age of ready information. Which of the millions of hits hold what you need?

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MBS is a family-owned private limited company that focuses on serving, not fixing or helping. We deal with your business in a Quakerly manner. Find out more at Quakers.org.

What is MBS:C?

MBS:C offers a range of online training courses that you can complete at your leisure in a subject that will support your role or simply a topic that interests you.  All of our courses are designed in easily digestible modules that will take you from the beginning of a subject or deepen your existing knowledge. 

Our courses are accessible via our website. Once you have created an account with us, you will be given access to your personal learning dashboard. Here you can browse through our catalogue of courses in a range of different levels to suit you. You need not have any prior experience in a subject to get started! 

Tailor your learning with an individual learning approach. It may be that you complete a ‘First5’ (introduction) module in one or more subjects or jump straight to a ‘Deepening Knowledge’ (a more advanced level course). You are in the driving seat!

Each of our courses has been mindfully created by a team of experienced volunteers and subject experts. The aim is to provide you with practical real-life examples and resources.

The MBS:C Education Team is on hand to advise and support you on your journey. We hope that you are as excited as us and that you will find MBS:C a valuable tool to reach your internal goals. 

Our course levels...

Choose from the following four course levels in a range of different subjects. You need not start at the beginning, you can go straight to our more in-depth ‘deepening knowledge’ tier if you wish. Deepening Knowledge courses are tailored to your personal course objectives and include 1:1 workshops with the course creator. 


Each of these is an individual course covering a single topic. The First 5 refers to the content of the course.


  • five key points…
  • five minutes of instruction…

…that give a summary understanding of that topic.

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Example First5 course

Thinking About

These courses will give you diagnostic questions, tools, and space to explore and identify options in relation to the topic (such as Financial Systems or Charity Administration).
  • Where you are as an individual or an organisation.
  • What resources, systems and processes already exist, or could be created.
  • What solutions might suit your organisation’s context and needs best.
  • How to help your organisation discern where to go from here, what resources might be necessary, and what authority will need to be given (and to whom).

Next Steps

These courses assume you have already made decisions on this topic, and you now want practical guidance and tips on how to create and implement your plan.

While you may have some decisions still to be made, the direction of travel has been agreed (e.g. your organisation has decided to switch to a cloud-based accountancy system, but hasn’t picked one).

These courses provide you with the tools and instructions you need, including:

  • in depth case studies,
  • examples and tool suggestions,
  • samples of policy documents and procedures,
  • templates for handbooks and technical documents.

Deepening Knowledge

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These courses help you ensure that your organisation is comprehensively compliant and competent across the topic.

Your values and charitable principles should be embedded into your culture at all levels.

These courses provide you with:

  • Diagnostic checklists,
  • journaling questions to illuminate underlying biases and values,
  • sample documents and tools for ensuring best practice,
  • and one hour total* 1-to-1 consultancy for tailored guidance (can be split into two 30-minute sessions for your convenience).

What can I learn about?

MBS:C offers a range of courses in different subject areas and targeted at different roles with a charity organisation. You can choose to study courses developed to support a specific role, such as a clerk, trustee or building manager. Alternatively, you can improve your skills in subject areas such as handling money, volunteer management or digital. 

April 2023 Offer

We are offering our existing client’s a 50% discount* to try any one of our courses before midnight on 1st May 2023.  Not an existing client? Don’t worry, you can still contact us and claim a 20% discount* on any course.

All we ask in return is your feedback. To find out more and claim your discount code, click the button below to contact the MBS:C team. One discount count can be claimed per organisation. 

Not 100% satified?

If you want to cancel within fourteen days of purchase please contact the education team and they’ll process the cancellation and refund. We offer a free refund within fourteen days, and up to 30% of the course completed.

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